What is Neonflare?

Consumer point of view

NeonflareApp helps you to team up with your favourite brands. We make it easy for you to share brand stories and get rewarded for doing so.

This is how it works: We count the number of your Facebook friends as you’re sharing a brand story. The number of friends affects the reward you get - more friends, better the reward.

Business point of view

You probably already read how the consumer benefits from Neonflare. No further questions, right? - Just to make it clear. By using Neonflare, you get noticed by people like your own customers.

Step by step guide

  1. Click the Neonflare “Share & get a reward” -button.
  2. Sign in to one of our supported social networks, choose the one you have the most contacts in (Currently Facebook and Twitter are available).
  3. Browse and select one of the rewards you are eligible to.
  4. Select the message you want to share with your contacts.
  5. Share the message and instantly receive your personal reward code! Remember to copy the code to a safe place in order to use it later.

What if the code I received doesn't work?

If the code you received by using NeonflareApp is not working, please contact the company or person hosting the website you got the code from. Neonflare provides the website with the technology to receive the codes, the website owner is responsible for the validity of the codes. - Remember to read the reward description when sharing the message to learn about possible limitations or validity periods.

Did you find content shared with NeonflareApp offensive?

NeonflareApp is used by companies and private persons, our clients, to get their messages seen. These clients have ensured that the content they produce is in line with the law and our guidelines. If you see offensive content shared with NeonflareApp, please contact the company or private person directly, or if that is not possible, send us a message to [email protected]