Neonflare campaign setup is a nine step process that can be done without any coding. There are also tooltips to help you in every step — It takes approximately 50 minutes to set up your first campaign.




Sign up to login.

1 min


Setup account

Fill out your account information.

2 min


Buy credits

Buy credits for your campaign.

3 min



Campaign basics

Create new campaign to set the basic information, like name and campaign duration.

10 min


Reward setup

Create reward groups for your campaign, insert unique reward codes and set follower limits. Offer better benefits for people with more followers.

10 min


Message setup

Write messages to be shared for different reward groups.

20 min



All done

Campaign is now ready, review before publishing.

1 min


Install script

Copy the campaign link.

1 min


Use link or button

Use it as a link or a button on your website, or distribute it for example in social media and e-mails.



Frequently asked questions


What can I do with Neonflare?

With Neonflare it is easy to reward your customers for recommending your company, products or brand in their social network (Currently on Facebook and Twitter). The recommendation message shared by your customer can be seen by their followers and friends a like. The message can be a promotional message suitable for sharing and can contain a link to your website et cetera.

Here are some ideas for what to give your customer as a reward:
  • A discount from their total purchase price
  • A free entry to your venue (a club, a concert, art exhibition etc.)
  • A free delivery
  • An application download voucher

How to add credits to my account?

In order to use the Neonflare add-on, you need credits. You can add credits to your account in the credits section of our page.

Quick facts about Neonflare credits and pricing:
  • One Neonflare Share costs one credit.
  • Price per credit starts from 0.79€ and you can buy as many credits as you need.
  • We reward bulk purchases with lower cost per credit.
  • There are no hidden fees. You pay in advance and your credit card is only charged after we have successfully added the credits to your account.
  • Any unused credits can be used in other campaigns and are valid for one year before they expire.
  • At the time being you can’t transfer credits from one account to another.
  • We accept all major credit and debit cards

How can I set up or create a new campaign?

You can create new campaigns or view and edit your existing campaigns in the campaigns section of our page.

Quick facts about Neonflare campaigns:
  • You can set up an unlimited number of new campaigns.
  • You can create a campaign now and activate it later.
  • You can set up a campaign start date and end date. If you don’t specify a start date, your campaign will go live immediately after you activate it. If you don’t specify an end date, your campaign will be active as long as you have credits and the campaign has reward codes.
  • To get your campaign started, you need to install the Neonflare script on your site. See here how it’s done

How to install the Neonflare script on my site?

  1. In order to install the Neonflare script, you need the installation script of your campaign.
  2. The script for each campaign can be found at the manage section of your campaign, see your active campaigns.
  3. Copy and paste the script into your website, just before closing the </body> tag.
  4. It is recommended to use Google Tag Manager or other tag management platform to install the Neonflare installation script. This gives you flexibility on which pages to show the campaign button and is usually a more hassle free way to add and remove any scripts to your page.

Common Neonflare vocabulary


  • When your customer shares your message, it costs you one credit.
  • One credit costs you 0.79€.
  • We reward bulk purchases with lower cost per credit.
  • Buy credits at the credits section of our page


  • A reward code is a unique promotional code you give to your customers when they share your message to their social media feed.
  • A reward code can be a coupon code used at your online store check out or at your shop’s cash register, among many other things.
  • You create the reward codes yourself. Remember to make sure the codes you provide actually work at your cash register or online store and your sales personnel know what to do when the customer shows them the code.


This is the moment your customer posts your message to their social media feed.


In a Neonflare campaign you set up the:
  1. Campaign name and description visible to the customer. This is basically a sales pitch about what the customer gets for sharing your message.
  2. Rewards you want to give to the customer. One campaign can have multiple rewards and the customer gets to decide which one to choose.
  3. Messages you want your customers to share on their social media feed.


A Neonflare reward group is a set of rules that define:
  1. What the reward is going to be like. The rewards are handed out as reward codes, which you have generated for the campaign.
  2. How the reward is described to the customer.
  3. How many followers the customer needs to have in order to get the reward. You can optionally set up a minimum and maximum number of followers the customer needs in order to choose the reward.


The Neonflare message is the actual marketing text the customer shares to their social media feed.

  • Each reward can be associated with separate custom marketing messages
  • It is recommended to create at least a few message options associated with each reward. This makes it easier for the customer to post the message that suits them best.