When our clients are creating their word of mouth campaigns, we always encourage them to speak like their customers do.


Here’s why: according to Nielsen’s study, word of mouth recommendation is the most trustworthy source of information to learn about products or services. Word of mouth is actually considered to be more trustworthy than a brand website. 


Learn why and when your customers recommend you.


Even though you are using incentives to earn referrals, we recommend you to study what triggers customers to promote you.


Search for social media posts that mention your company. How are your customers speaking about you? Can you learn something about different age groups, sexes or demographics? What are your customers excited about? Then do the same for your competitors.


Blogs are usually great sources of information when it comes to trends. Try to search for new topics that you could mention in messages you create for your customers to share.


Try to gain insight into what point your customer was at when he or she recommended you via social media. Did it happen after sales, or was it something that happened during the customer service process, for example?


While creating referral campaigns:


Let your customers refer you where if feels natural. Put your insights in to use and make sharing opportunity to be available after meaningful encounters. You can for example offer discount from the next purchase if a customer is willing to refer you after a successful customer service event. We recommend to create individual campaigns for different purposes.


Also, create messages that would be something that your customers would write. Remember, the messages will be seen on their social media feed.


Neonflare enables you to create many different messages for your customers to pick. Take the opportunity to create a couple of informal messages to go with your tactical or branded ones. Let your customers choose how and when they want to promote you.