We just heard about the problems with Groupon in Finland. Not cool! Being relatively into the topic we decided to write down a few points about why this would never happen with us.

  1. No begging for your receivables. With Neonflare you pay upfront for the social media shares you want your customers make. When the customer shares, they get the reward instantly.
  2. We’re not leaving Finland! This is where we live, love and do business. Period.
  3. No surprises. You have total control on how many rewards are shared to your customers.
  4. No let down shareholders. We are privately owned.
  5. We are not hiding behind anonymous masks. Meet us if you like. I heard that the burgers at Roslund are great!? What about next week?

Drop us a line at [email protected] and let's arrange a meeting! Or if you're shy, why not use our 100% self serve platform to start your campaign already.

If you don't know how Neonflare works, just take a look at this quick youtube video: