Campaign type number 1: Always-On campaign

Setting up a basic Neonflare campaign is fairly straightforward process:

  • Decide on the rewards - Something you can afford to give out, which holds some real value to the customer. For example, a free delivery.
  • Create the reward codes – These are awarded to your referees after a successful share. The code needs to be compatible with your current voucher code / discount system.
  • Write the messages to be shared in social media – It’s a good idea to write messages that fit your customer’s tone of voice. A few alternatives should do.
  • Write your campaign description texts – Once your campaign pops up and your customer sees it, you really want them to understand what’s going on, right? Tell them why they are seeing the share & get rewarded campaign and what’s in it for them.

Optionally you can set the follower limit required for each reward and the start and end time of your campaign.

After you have your campaign planned, you can simply input the descriptions, codes and messages to the Neonflare campaign editor and get your campaign started. Just copy the installation script to your website source code. We recommend using Google Tag Manager to install the script in order to have a better control over the pages that show your campaign.

But what if you want to create a bit more advanced campaigns by targeting a specific group of customers? For example, you might want to reach only your already existing customers and grant them a special benefit for referring you on social media? Please read on for two more examples to inspire you:

Campaign type number 2: After purchase sharing campaign

This is very much like the always-on campaign. Only a couple of things to do differently:

  • Create a totally new campaign dedicated to get after sales referrals
  • Write messages that feels natural to share after purchase. You can use copy like: “Just got 10% discount from my next purchase from”
  • Offer for example a discount from the next purchase as a return for recommending
  • Trigger the Neonflare button to appear only on thank you-page by using Google Tag manager.

Remember, by having an active after purchase referral campaign, your customers are more likely to return to your store.

Campaign type number 3: A landing page campaign

Create a specific campaign for example for your Facebook followers, use individual landing page for them and trigger the Neonflare button to appear only on that page.

This way you can get referrals from your already engaged customers and reach more people like them. If you want to take it really to the next level, you can create individual campaigns and landing pages for all the different acquisition channels.

Hopefully these ideas make it easier to get you started with your first Neonflare campaign. If you’re still in doubt, why not share our message to get 50 to 100 credits to get going free of charge.

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