Ad blocker, a software that blocks advertisements, mainly banners from publishers’ websites were first left to little consideration, but after some time it became clear that the threat of losing advertising income couldn’t be ignored anymore. Couple of weeks ago the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), who among other things, develops technical standards and best practices for interactive advertising published new recommendations for medias to co-operate with users who are using Ad blocking software. The set of recommendations is called DEAL. The acronym comes from Detect, Explain, Ask and Lift. Basically what it means is to detect visitors who use ad blocking, explain them the value of the advertisements and ask them to remove the ad blockers. And, if all else fails, take out the big guns and limit visitors’ access to content.

The real culprit behind these kind of measures and the use of ad blockers are distractive ads, shown too frequently. It’s no wonder that people are using ad blockers since a good part of the ads we see every day are super crappy. Uninteresting, irrelevant and delivering next to no value to the users.

Fortunately we can learn a lesson from the situation of online medias and apply it to social media referral marketing.

When some one is using a referral marketing tool like Neonflare they are given a motivation to share advertisers' content, but they can also decide who they want to share the message to. This sets greater expectations for copywriting and visuals. We can apply IAB’s other set of recommendations called LEAN to campaigns created with Neonflare. Lean comes from “Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive ads”.

Rules of thumb for social media referral marketing using IAB’s LEAN

Use easily understandable call to actions and messages. Create appealing visuals.

When setting up campaigns you don’t have to worry about safety – we have that covered. But inform the users where you’re about to guide them when they click the link.

Offer choices: create multiple options to be shared and let the user to decide which message suits him or her the best.

As mentioned above, puts some effort to the visuals. Bring value to the user who sees the message on their social media feeds by offering e.g. downloadable content, discounts, information about an event and so on.

With these rules of thumb you are well on your way to getting great results and happy clients. Click here to start your campaign.