Whats happening?

Neonflare is arranging a fundraising campaign called #ShareByShare to support WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Our very own sharing tool is used to let people share the WWF supporting messages in their social media, either on Facebook or Twitter. For every successful share between 0.05€ and 0.20€ is donated directly to the WWF International! Neonflare makes a little seed investment of 500 € to get the campaign started and you as our supporter can help us even further.

This is how the campaign page will look like:
Neonflare Campaign Example

How does the campaign work?

We will launch the campaign page at neonflare.com/wwf/ on monday, 4th of April 2016. – All the campaign visitors get a chance to share a WWF related image and message with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. For every share we or one of our supporters will donate between 0.05€ and 0.20€ directly to the WWF. – The campaign page will show the total amount of money left to donate, as well as the amount of money already raised and to be donated at the end of the campaign. – This will make it interesting for anyone to follow up on how much money is available to be donated and how much people have succeeded to donate already.

We are aiming for the following:

  1. The WWF will get seen and noted by as many people as possible (one Facebook user has around 200 friends, of which around 100 sees what they post).
  2. The WWF will get donated as much money to support their good work as possible. Every share counts, lets make them many!

By starting the game with 500 € we at Neonflare guarantee there can be up to 5000 shares on Facebook and Twitter and 500 € donated to WWF. – As you can see that is not very much, so this is where you come in ...

How can I as a supporter help the campaign to succeed?

We're a small start-up with limited funds. We will guarantee up to 500 € to be donated and up to 5000 shares to happen if the visitors choose to share the campaign message. – With your help we can kick it up a notch! You can support WWF and our campaign by backing us up with a volitional amount of money to be donated to WWF. This will enable us to share even more messages and get more money raised to WWF.

Register as a supporter


Please note that no money is transferred to us at any point! After the campaign is over all the supporters will donate directly to WWF from our fund raising team page (Panda Nation).

In case the total amount of donations backed up by our supporters or ourselves doesn't get redeemed by sharing visitors, the total reached sum of money to be donated is divided between all the supporters. The initial backing up amount is noted in this case, so you only pay the share of the donation that belongs to you. For example: If we backed up 500€, you backed up 500€ and another supporter backed up 1000€ and only 11 000 shares we're made, you would end up donating only your share of 25% of the total 1100€, which makes 275 €.

What's in it for me?

If you still feel like the idea of getting WWF seen and funded is not enough to get your interest, here are couple of things we do to every supporter to show our gratitude.

  1. GET NOTED: Your company gets listed to our campaign supporter section located at the campaign page. You will get your company name, a greeting message (nature and WWF related suggested) and a direct link to your website listed where page visitors can see you.
  2. GET PROMOTED: Your company gets occasionally shown as a selected supporter to our campaign page visitors. The selected supporter listing is located right close to the total donation sum bar and will definetely get seen. The more you donate, the more often your company gets promoted to be seen as a selected supporter.
  3. ACCEPT OUR GRATITUDE: After the campaign is over, we will send you a promo code which entitles you to 200 Neonflare credits (worth 158 €) so you can get your own campaign started without additional costs.

Sign up as a supporter!

If you're interested in joining forces with us and getting WWF seen and promoting a healthier wildlife and nature, please fill in the registration form here to join the campaign as a supporter. Your partnership will only be validated after our contact back to you, which we promise to make as fast as possible after your registration.

Thank you!