Let's face the fact: people are different and not everyone can be cast in the same mold. Not everyone wants french fries with their burger, their steak medium or car red. This is why companies give people options to choose from – because the customers are unique.

For ages we have used coupon codes to promote sales in price sensitive industries and especially at times when the economy has been weak. The principle is simple, give more value with less money and your sales will go up. It is simple, but too often we oversimplify it even further. In most cases we are still using coupons that give everyone the same value - even if we know the customer is unique. Unique customer here means that each customer has individual needs, unique ways to operate, but also unique value to your company. Too often we value our most valuable customers only as good as our worst customers. – This needs to be changed today! If the product can be customized, the extra value provided with your sales promotion campaigns can be customized as well. And you should definitely do it. Why? Because your customers are unique.

Giving unique value has not been too easy but it is about to change. With Neonflare you can recognize the good work of sharing your message and reward them individually. For example: a customer shares your promotional message with their friends. The customer gets rewarded depending on how many friends he or she has the opportunity to reach. You can also customize the messages and images they will share with their friends for you and give them even bigger rewards when they happen to be a big name in the social media.

So want to try out something unique? Sign up to Neonflare and start your rewarding campaigns right away. You can even get your own individual reward by sharing our message via the Neonflare campaign seen on our own website. Let's make your customers feel unique together!